About RoboCup Singapore Open 2009


Registration is now open for RoboCup Singapore Open, a national-level robotics competition for primary, secondary and tertiary students in Singapore.

Teams that show they have what it takes to compete at the international level will be shortlisted to represent Singapore in the RoboCupJunior segment of RoboCup 2010 – the “Olympics” of robotics events – in June next year.


Dates: 24-26 Nov 2009
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic


RoboCup Singapore Open 2009 will abide by the same rules that governed RoboCupJunior 2009


RoboCupJunior is targeted for primary and secondary school students. There is no fixed minimum age, but primary students are expected to be able to read (and hence write programs for their robots) on their own, without significant help from adult mentors. Students over age 19 are not allowed on RoboCupJunior teams. The division between the primary and secondary age categories is 14 years old. Teams with all student members age 14 and under are considered primary. Teams with any student member over age 14 must be secondary. Declaration day is the 1st of July 2010.


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Registered Teams

Award Winers

  • RoboCup Junior Dance (Primary)

               1stPrize: Leonardo da Monkey, St. Joseph’s Institution Junior

               Best Costume Award: Dancing Artist, Chua Chu Kang Pri School

               Best Entertainment Value Award: Dancing Artist, Chua Chu Kang Pri School

               Best Construction Award: Athena, Starworld Robotics Learning Lab

  • RoboCup Junior Dance Secondary

               Champion Award: ?, Raffles Girls’ School (Sec)

               Champion Award: MEDALLION 6, Pei Hwa Secondary School

               Champion Award: The Seventies, Admiralty Sec School

               Best Construction AwardV3 Extreme, Jurong Secondary School

              Special Award:ROBO IN_A, Saveetha University, India

  • RoboCup Junior Rescue (Primary)

1stPrize: MIT Robot, MIT Robot Laboratory (Chinese Taipei)

2ndPrize: WDP Team A, Woodlands Pri School

3rd>Prize: SAPS Team 1, St. Anthony’s Pri school

  • RoboCup Junior Rescue (Secondary)

              1stPrize: Fubotics, Fuhua Secondary School
               2ndPrize: Einstein Robot, MIT Robot Laboratory (Chinese Taipei)
              3rdPrize: Swiss Rescuers, Swiss Cottage Sec School

  • RoboCup Junior Soccer A (Primary)

               1stPrize: Nanyang 2, Nanyang Pri School
                2ndPrize: Nanyang 1, Nanyang Pri School
               3rdPrize: PHPPS 2, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri School

  • RoboCup Junior Soccer A (Secondary)

              1stPrize: WRS Team 1, Woodlands Ring Sec School
               2ndPrize: Raffles Team 1, Raffles Institution
              3rdPrize: WRS Team 3, Woodlands Ring Sec School

  • RoboCup Junior Soccer B

             1st Prize: WRS Team 4, Woodlands Ring Sec School

             2nd Prize: Raffles Team 2, Raffles Institution

Contact: office@robocup2010.org






Primary Dance
TeamAffiliation School
Dancing ArtistChua Chu Kang Primary School
Leonardo da MonkeySt. Joseph’s Institution Junior
AthenaStarworld Robotics Learning Lab
Dance Secondary
TeamAffiliation School
?Raffles Girls’ School (Sec)
ALPHA Team 2Peirce Secondary School
The SeventiesAdmiralty Secondary School
FuboticsFuhua Secondary School
TMS IntegrityTemasek Secondary School
TMS ExcellenceTemasek Secondary School
V3 ExtremeJurong Secondary School
MEDALLION 6Pei Hwa Secondary School
Roboin-A      Saveetha University, India
Roboin-B    Saveetha University, India
Rescue Primary
TeamAffiliation School
WDP Team AWoodlands Primary School
PHPPS 3Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
PHPPS 4Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
Rulang_Team1 Rulang Primary School
Rulang_Team2Rulang Primary School
SAPS Team 1St. Anthony’s Primary school
SAPS Team 2St. Anthony’s Primary school
HumanoidLearners Hub Pte Ltd
The RockbotsEunos Primary School
xXxXx StarsEunos Primary School
OrionRiver Valley High School
CrocusRiver Valley High School
Rescue Secondary
Team Affiliation School
NDBaoCrescent Girls’ School
GhasTlyWoodlands Ring Secondary School
ShadowWoodlands Ring Secondary School
HaHaz Woodlands Ring Secondary School
BraveMeWoodlands Ring Secondary School
WDP Team BWoodlands Primary School
Swiss RescuersSwiss Cottage Secondary School
Swiss CrossersSwiss Cottage Secondary School
MitochondriaHwa Chong Institution
OmniCyclonzHwa Chong Institution
The PositronicAdmiralty Secondary School
BPGHS 1Bukit Panjang Govt High School
FuboticsFuhua Secondary School
eyedOnoeRaffles Girls’ School (Sec)
MEDALLION 2Pei Hwa Secondary School
MEDALLION 3Pei Hwa Secondary School
MEDALLION 4Pei Hwa Secondary School
MEDALLION 5Pei Hwa Secondary School
HCIHwa Chong Institution (International)
Soccer A Primary
Team     Affiliation School
Nanyang 1Nanyang Primary School
Nanyang 2Nanyang Primary School
Nanyang 3Nanyang Primary School
Nanyang 4Nanyang Primary School
Nanyang 5Nanyang Primary School
PHPPS 1Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
PHPPS 2Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
Rulang_Team3Rulang Primary School
SAPS Teams 4St. Anthony’s Primary school
Soccer A Secondary
Team Affiliation School
Golgi ApparatusHwa Chong Institution
WRS Team 1Woodlands Ring Secondary School
WRS Team 2Woodlands Ring Secondary School
WRS Team 3Woodlands Ring Secondary School
Raffles Team 1 Raffles Institution
Swiss SoccermaniaSwiss Cottage Secondary School
Swiss Soccraft Swiss Cottage Secondary School
YCSS Team 1Yuan Ching Secondary School
PlankAnglo-Chinese School (Independent)
BlankAnglo-Chinese School (Independent)
FlankAnglo-Chinese School (Independent)
ALPHA Team 1 Peirce Secondary School
MEDALLION 1 Pei Hwa Secondary School
Soccer B
Team Affiliation School
WRS Team 4 Woodlands Ring Secondary School
Raffles Team 2 Raffles Institution
ImaginariumHwa Chong Institution (College)
Golgi ApparatusHwa Chong Institution


Individual Team PrimaryChampionLeonardo da MonkeySt. Joseph’s Institution Junior
Individual Team PrimaryBest Costume AwardDancing ArtistChua Chu Kang Pri School
Individual Team PrimaryBest Entertainment Value AwardDancing ArtistChua Chu Kang Pri School
Individual Team PrimaryBest Construction AwardAthenaStarworld Robotics Learning Lab
Individual Team SecondaryChampion?Raffles Girls’ School (Sec)
Individual Team SecondaryChampionMEDALLION 6Pei Hwa Secondary School
Individual Team SecondaryChampionThe SeventiesAdmiralty Sec School
Individual Team SecondaryBest Construction AwardV3 ExtremeJurong Secondary School
Rescue A Individual Team Primary3rd PlaceSAPS Team 1St. Anthony’s Pri school
Rescue A Individual Team Primary2nd PlaceWDP Team AWoodlands Pri School
Rescue A Individual Team Primary1st PlaceMIT RobotMIT Robot Laboratory (Chinese Taipei)
Rescue A Individual Team Secondary3rd PlaceSwiss RescuersSwiss Cottage Sec School
Rescue A Individual Team Secondary2nd PlaceEinstein RobotMIT Robot Laboratory (Chinese Taipei)
Rescue A Individual Team Secondary1st PlaceFuboticsFuhua Secondary School
Soccer A  Individual Team Primary3rd PlacePHPPS 2Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri School
Soccer A Individual Team Primary2nd PlaceNanyang 1Nanyang Pri School
Soccer A Individual Team Primary1st PlaceNanyang 2Nanyang Pri School
Soccer A Individual Team Secondary3rd PlaceWRS Team 3Woodlands Ring Sec School
Soccer A Individual Team Secondary2nd PlaceRaffles Team 1Raffles Institution
Soccer A Individual Team Secondary1st PlaceWRS Team 1Woodlands Ring Sec School
Soccer B Individual Team2nd PlaceRaffles Team 2Raffles Institution
Soccer B Individual Team1st PlaceWRS Team 4Woodlands Ring Secondary School